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For trouble logging in to ADP Easypay (Easynet) payroll processing system

ADP maintains 2 different server systems that do the same job. Older customers (those of you who were early adopters of ADP online payroll processing) need to use the older servers. ADT staff often refers to them by shorthand as "net4". Newer customers (those who signed up more recently) need to use the newer servers, which ADT commonly refers to as "net5".

If you attempt to login using the wrong server, it will return an unhelpful error similar to "invalid login. Please contact your account representative for assistance". The same error shows up as a result of other mistakes you might make, such as:

mistyped user name • mistyped company code • mistyped password • mistyped service center • caps lock off (caps lock must be ON), etc.

In other words, the error does not indicate what the problem might be. It would be more helpful if (when using the wrong server) it would prompt: "you need to use the other server".

The lesson here is simple. If you think you are typing everything correctly, your CAPS LOCK IS ON, and you get an error, you may want to try the other server.

Login here: if you think you are a "net4" client
Login here: if you think you are a "net5" client

Toll-free ADP Easypay customer support in California is (888) 513-5600, but help is only available until 5:00 PM Pacific.

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That's it! If you think of any clever improvements for EasyPayNet, tell ADP at (800) 225-5237. I can't find any direct email links, as it seems they are hiding them from customers and the public. Don't get me started again...

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