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Why this website was created

ADP did not create this site. The author is me. I thought the ADP Easypay URL was hard to remember and I suspected it might be challenging for others too.

I recently became a customer of ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) as an alternative to Paychex for my payroll processing at our television production company. Their online payroll processing seems superior to Paychex, but there are some significant shortcomings that could use improvement. Let's start with the good news first, and move on to what needs to be fixed.

My motivation to switch to ADP for payroll services was twofold. First, they pull workers compensation directly each month from the actual payroll. Second, they provide an online payroll estimate of total costs as a preview before payroll checks are actually run. (see update 1)

Workers Comp Hassle
The workers compensation insurance system in California is not pretty. Insurance companies typically operate in a rather inconvenient way. The insurance premium is strictly regulated as a fixed percentage of actual payroll, and many carriers can offer to be the middleman for this State program. Every year the carrier estimates the coming year's total premium and charge 1/12th of that each month. Since it is usually impossible to estimate the payroll precisely, an "audit" has to be taken each year to determine what the payments should have totaled for the preceding 12 months. To do the audit, the business owner has to find time to meet with some accountant dweeb that the carrier sends out to the premises, and show him the payroll records. It's a time consuming annoyance. Soon after, a refund check or adjustment bill is sent. Ultimately, it costs about the same as ADP, but ADP is far more convenient. I like that.

Preview of Payroll (see update 1)
My final sionara to Paychex came when they said there was no way to tell me how much money they will debit from my bank account until after the checks are actually written. In this modern world, you would think a well groomed payroll company should have a top flight payroll calculation system in place where they could do such a thing at the touch of a button. I need this info at times, and ADP delivers it.

Update 1: My ADP sales rep initially told me I could have a total-cost preview. Now that I am using it I realize it is something ADP DOES NOT provide. While searching for a solution, I found http://www.paycycle.com looks VERY interesting. I verified they do a REAL preview, are less expensive than ADP, more flexible, and customer service is impressive on the surface. I am quite curious if there are any satisfied/dissatisfied Paycycle customers with an opinion. Please email me.

Now for the necessary improvements to EasyPay (EasyPayNet)
1. ADP EasyPayNet supports an insufficient number of browsers and computing environments
Wintel and Internet explorer ONLY! It's also temperamental about which flavor combinations of the twin devils (IE/Windows) it will operate on correctly. I will live with this obvious shortcoming for now, but it is screaming for a fix on so many levels. Did someone forget that what EasyPayNet does, is WRITE CHECKS? Security should be paramount. Wouldn't a hacker want to compromise such a system? Let's look at pure logic. The LEAST SECURE BROWSER in the internet is IE. The least secure operating system is MS Windows. The fact that they REQUIRE such a combination is alarming.

Safety-minded individuals may prefer to orchestrate risky endeavors like internet payroll processing on Mac OS or Linux, Solaris, etc. For safety's sake alone, it would stand to reason that PROHIBITING concurrent IE and Wintel would be a wiser decision. To be sure, such a tactic would inconvenience a small portion of the user base at this time, considering the current proliferation of Wintel in business environments. For those few who have not yet taken the time to download a secure browser, it would not be an undue hardship.

ADP should be more responsible by actively discouraging IE, or at least allow alternatives. Now, they are doing absolutely nothing. Shameful, reckless, unsafe and unwise.

2. Let users easily find https://easypaynet.adp.com
For my first payroll run, I got everything together, login, password, etc., and sat down. I had remembered there was a longish URL, but I didn't have it close by so I just went to ADP.com to drill appropriately. Hmmm... not there. Well heh heh... it has to be there somewhere... no, NO! Why in the world would a company hide the front door to a crucial core business operation? Beats me. I googled an expression that should have worked: "ADP Online Payroll". Nothing! This was the reason I decided to actually create this page. You probably forgot the front door too. You searched. You arrived here. It helped you. Perhaps ADP will arrange for a top search result and render this page obsolete.

3. What's the deal with the four-field login?
Tell me, is there any other secure web service that needs you to populate 4 different fields in order to open the door? Two is the usual allotment (login and password). Although only a small inconvenience, I would say ADP is creating undue typing in order to give themselves a false sense of security.

That's it! If you think of improvements you would like to see with EasyPayNet, tell ADP at (800) 225-5237. I can't find any apparent direct email links, but don't get me started again...

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More updates

On my last payroll run, ADP prompted me to enter information explicitly for use in the case of a lost or forgotten password. Let's consider this encouraging. I do not yet see any way for me to actually RECOVER my password if I lose it, but I'll choose to believe they will implement that feature someday.